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Architecture d'Aujourd'hui

Architecture D'Aujourd'hui, Issue 457

Architecture D'Aujourd'hui, Issue 457

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L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui is an international magazine, decidedly contemporary and open to the disciplines of urbanism, design, art and landscape architecture. Its ambition is to highlight architecture with 6 thematic issues and 3 special editions per year, distributed in France and abroad.

​​​​In the age of the Anthropocene, and the damage caused by the city vs. nature divide, architects and other stakeholders of the built environment are increasingly concerned with designing with and for living things. How can we create biotopes and other ecosystems within our cities that encourage the development of flora and fauna? What are the limits of this desire?

In this new issue, AA uses concrete examples of the integration of nature in the city, whether animal or plant, to highlight the work of architects, designers, scientists and geographers who, among others, are striving to achieve a fruitful cohabitation. In addition to planted façades and roofs, how many projects have boldly proposed freeing up land space, since we now know that nothing is better for preserving biodiversity than the open ground of non‑mineralised soil? How many building owners and architects dare to use surfaces that are less smooth in favour of crevices that allow living things to nest?

It's not just a question of making our cities more breathable. As developed in the examples published, the animal body is also a call to ‘de-standardised’ the way we design architecture.

In this issue: tribute to Jean-Louis Cohen, by Tarik Oualalou; recent buildings by Think Tank and Tolila + Gilliland; a look back at the Growing Building in Montpellier, completed 20 years ago by the architect Édouard François; the 17th edition of the reuse notebooks by Vincent Laureau and Victor Meesters; interview with Nathalie Blanc, geographer and director of research at the CNRS, advocate of better integration of nature into the urban environment; portrait of François Azambourg, bio-designer; the greenery of Aubusson, tapestries photographed by Luc Boegly; interview with the ecoacoustician Jérôme Sueur ; excerpts from the surprising book Living in Mycelium, written by the curators of the Belgian pavilion exhibition at the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale (Vinciane Despret & Bento, Christine Aventin and Juliette Salme); profile of alchemist and landscape designer Catherine Mosbach; essay by Éric de Thoisy about the place of the human species in a wider living community; conversation with the curators of the "Paris Animal" exhibition, Léa Mosconi and Henri Bony; a letter to landscape designer Gilles Clément, by architect Julien Choppin; living architecture by Freaks architecture, Studio Ossidiana, Guinée*Potin Architectes, Eeestudio, Husos arquitecturas, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects; and much more!

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