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Dazed, Spring 2024

Dazed, Spring 2024

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About Dazed:

Dazed magazine is a British fashion and culture publication that was founded in 1991 by Jefferson Hack and Rankin. Originally called "Dazed & Confused," the magazine quickly became known for its cutting-edge coverage of emerging fashion designers, musicians, artists, and filmmakers.

Over the years, Dazed has featured some of the most innovative and influential cultural figures of our time, including Bjork, David Bowie, Tilda Swinton, Harmony Korine, Sofia Coppola, and many others. The magazine has also been a platform for new talent, featuring the work of young creatives and up-and-coming designers.

Dazed has evolved over the years to include a website, a video platform, and a creative agency, and has become known for its boundary-pushing approach to fashion, art, and culture. The magazine has won numerous awards for its photography, design, and editorial content, and has been credited with launching the careers of many young artists and designers.

In this issue:

For the first of our 8 covers of Spring 2024 issue is Vittoria – Discovered as a fledgling baby model aged just 14, she caught the eye of Karl Lagerfeld who stayed obsessed with her dark beauty and cool stare right up until he passed away in 2019. Even now, with 10 years on the clock, she’s got fashion in a chokehold, fronting campaigns for Gucci Dior and Balenciaga to name just a few – but then, when you have the ability to shapeshift from va-va-voom baddie to ice queen and back again in the blink of an eye, it should come as no surprise.

Second of our 8 cover is a Grammy winner for best new artist at the age of 34, it’s been a long, long path to R&B stardom for Victoria Monet in our cover story, the Sacramento songwriter reflects on her wild ride to the top – and why, sometimes in life, you have to make the universe come to you.

Atlanta-born Precious Lee made history in 2021 as one of the first curve models to ever walk for Versace, alongside Jill Kortleve and Alva Claire. Since that game-changing appearance, Donatella seems to have had her on speed-dial, with Lee a regular on the Milanese runway.⁠

Basketball culture has come a long way since the dark days of the 00s, when players were made to suit up on match days for fear of appearing too ‘hip hop’. At the heart of its pivot to fashion: Oklahoma City star Shai - self-professed ‘fly-guy’ and pioneer of a new creative freedom in the sport

First stomping runways across the globe as the late 90s faded into the 2000s, Omahyra was a go-to for Jean Paul Gaultier and muse to cult fashion outlier Miguel Adrover.

Her appeal lay in her ability to code-switch with seemingly zero effort, from sultry femme fatale at Tom Ford, to dick-swinging cad with a half-smoked ciggie hanging from her lips at Gaultier. In her long-awaited fashion comeback, she graced runways everywhere from Off-White to Luar and Mugler.⁠

Making his television debut as the era’s most talked-about royal after responding on a whim to a friend’s WhatsApp, fame was not on the cards for luther3ford till The Crown came knocking. Now he’s through with being Harry, who will he be next?

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