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&Premium, No. 124

&Premium, No. 124

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About &Premium:

"The Guide to a Better Life," declared the first issue of &Premium magazine in November 2013. Since then, each issue has been dedicated to creating a magazine that helps you live a better life, including fashion, interior design, daily necessities, beauty, food, travel, and culture. We have tried to create a magazine that helps people to relax and feel the joy of being in contact with beautiful things, to value each and every detail, to get to the essence of things, to take the time and effort, and to do things that are good for the body. Our basic policy is to be happy if we can live comfortably as a result.

In this issue:

"After all, I love Kyoto, even when I'm alone."

What is it about the city of Kyoto that makes one's heart so full of excitement when walking through its streets? One minute you are surrounded by elegant shrines, temples and gardens, stores selling exquisite handicrafts, and beautiful machiya townhouses, and the next minute you are surrounded by unique coffee shops, bookstores, galleries, and new stores selling daily necessities. Kyoto is a city where traditions that have lived on through its long history, new culture, and the "ordinary look" coexist without hesitation. In this issue, we take you on a tour of Kyoto, a city that can be enjoyed even by a single person, and a city that is even more enjoyable precisely because you are alone.

This magazine is in Japanese.

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